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Archive for September, 2017

Buying A Fixer Upper And The Team You’ll Need

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 by , No Comments

Buying a fixer upper sounds awesome, but it doesn’t always go that way in Denver. Do what the pros do, get the job done by hiring the right team to help you. In Denver, what is becoming very popular is buying a fixer upper property. Okay, you may be thinking “we’ll there’s tons of investors in the market.” What we’re speaking in reference to is the buyers wanting a personal residence

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Home Buyer Checklist Before Closing in Denver

Posted on: September 24th, 2017 by , No Comments

A home buyer checklist is crucial because we have a hard enough time going to the grocery store without forgetting something. Denver is a very hot market (as of Sept 2017) and you need to be on top of things more than ever. Before you start shopping at IKEA for new furniture, make sure you have some things in place and a plan of action. Are you looking for a

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What Is Real Estate Owned Property in Denver

Posted on: September 24th, 2017 by , No Comments

Real estate owned property is also nicknamed “REO” for short. The real definition in whole can be a little complex though. In this blog, we’ll look at things you need to buy a REO property, how to manage REO property, how to search for these types of properties and more. If you need me to get to the point of where to find them, here you go. The best way

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