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3 Ways Denver Real Estate Changes in the Fall

Posted on: September 7th, 2016 by , No Comments


Things change like the leaves after Labor Day. School’s back in session, summer is over and now it’s time to prepare for winter.

Fall weather is still beautiful and while that may be a good thing it may not be the best thing for sellers to wait till winter to finally make a decision to sell a house in Denver, CO.

Most home buyers may think this is the beginning of the worst in finding a house. They wait until the Spring time and by then their dream house could of sold in a hot market. This is actually the time you should sell before it’s too late. Here’s why this is such a great time for buyers to get houses at a discount.


The Denver Real Estate Market Heading into Fall and Winter: http://www.liveurbandenver.com/blog/the-denver-real-estate-market-heading-into-fall-and-winter-of-2016.html

1. Fall real estate = Buyer’s Market

Denver may not experience a recent nosedive like Aspen did in August 2016. They are two different markets but we all know that a buyer’s market means buyer’s are in control. This usually happens around this time because having a conversation with your spouse about moving at a different time is not going to work. If people needed to sell in August right now they may have missed out on people that already have settled somewhere else. This affects sellers and buyers most that have children in school. Your best time to sell would of been in the Spring-Summer transition. For buyers competition is very low. For sellers something needed to happen yesterday.

2. Home Prices fall with the leaves

As mentioned before selling in the summer is the best time. Markets like Denver, CO when they get hot and everybody starts getting in, bring a lot of speculation as well. So many sellers that said, “I’ll wait for the right price.” and may have had 3-4 months before they had to sell, suddenly realize that time truly does fly. Professional home buyers can all agree that the most phone calls they get from sellers happen now. For sellers you’ll start to see price reductions in the Denver, CO market. “It’s an affordability issue,” DMAR Market Trends Committee member Steve Danyliw said of the cost of buying a home. “Prices have gotten so high. Wages aren’t keeping pace with home prices.”


3. There’s no rush

When someone is buying a house and they have children, we all know the house is not the whole story. There’s much more going on behind the scenes. Picking the right school district and neighborhood is probably more challenging that the perfect backyard or sqft in a house. If a buyer hasn’t decided upon which house to live in, it most likely means they have time. If they have time they probably aren’t the most motivated to buy the first house they see. If they don’t buy the first house they see, it means they are even more picky about everything. If you’re selling a house in Denver, Colorado you’re racing against time.

This is not a post to say you shouldn’t sell your house or to come across negative, but it is a post to create some urgency if you need to sell a house or really want to take advantage of the market before it gets cold.

If you’ve ever bought or sold a house in the fall season please don’t hesitate to share you experiences in the comments below to help future sellers or buyers on how it went for you!

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