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What Is a Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor?

Posted on: August 17th, 2016 by , No Comments

Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor

You hear about them more in more in Denver but you’re still wondering What Is a Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor?

If you want to know what a Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor is, then let’s go into defining it.

Real Estate Investor -The service offered by a Real Estate Investor is not for the homeowners who want the market value for their real estate property. That is the truth. If your home is in perfect condition and has its payments caught up with the mortgage, then the best course of action for you is to sell your house with a realtor. A good real estate investor will should always be honest when they cannot buy your house, and they will have the resources to refer you to a good realtor.

Real Estate Investors are here to help the people who NEED THE HELP. For example if the house needs a lot of work, is in pre-foreclosure, if your behind on taxes/payments, dealing with a divorce, moving out of state, a landlord who had tenants trash the place, or have a estate that has been inherited or is in the probate process. The homeowner cannot or does not want to sell the home through a local realtor because the homeowner does not have the time or does not want to pay for realtor commissions. That is why we provide a service, to the people who need help with a fair cash offer that can close fast, on the date of the homeowners choosing.

What is a “fair cash offer”?

The offer is based off the condition of the house. If the house is completely destroyed the investor takes the cost to fix the home out of the offer price. They will pay for exactly what the house is worth as an investment. They are particular about what kind of offer we present to the seller because most of the time they are buying the home to develop it into a brand new home or clean it up to be presentable to a renter. They then take a home that has not been cared for and turn it into something a new homebuyer will want to buy. Anyone can do this but we provide this service for the people who don’t have time to invest into a property.

We, the Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor, are the ONLY reason that we have new housing developments for people to have a new place to call home. As we all know Denver has been developing more and more into a larger city. Without real estate investors there wouldn’t be new apartment buildings in the tech center, there wouldn’t be renovated homes made to look like new in the highlands, there wouldn’t be the development of entire neighborhoods in Parker with brand new homes. There are 93,095 apartments in Denver, CO, which makes up 33% of all homes apartments. Without the existence of real estate investors, the government would be responsible for providing 33% of the Denver’s population with a home. Investors are important in helping prepare our city for the giant influx of new homebuyers coming to Colorado. We are faced with the reality that there will always be people moving into this beautiful state, even if the natives frown upon it.

How to find the right investor for your situation?

The Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor profession has always been hidden and looked down upon because they are all told by realtors that we are doing something wrong or illegal. The service is legal as long as the investor does not act as a realtor by listing the home. Investors are constantly bullied out of written agreements with sellers that need the help because realtors swoop in and tell the seller that we will low-ball them. But in reality realtors tell sellers ALL THE TIME that they are capable of getting full market value for their home. Unfortunately not every seller can get full market value on his or her house because the homes value has depreciated with wear and tear. Also there are many sellers who are WILLING to trade part of their equity in order to close the sale of their house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Investors are trusted to provide convenience with the sale of someone’s home.

But with every form of business there are always scams, so it is always wise to do research on the company you are working with. There are plenty of really honest investors out there but there are a lot of new investors who struggle to provide stellar customer service. A great way to find trustworthy and experienced investors is by looking at their BBB rating or by searching for testimonials from past sales bought by the Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor. You can see how grateful sellers in a bind are when they have an investor helping them with often-scary situations. They will make your hardship easy to handle and are always willing to answer any questions.

Written by: Jessica Ryan co-owner of www.adambuysdenverco.com.

If you or someone you know have a property you’d like to sell in Denver, Colorado, give Adam Buys Houses a call directly at 303-558-5843 or simply click here to fill out the form to start the selling process. Work with a local Denver, Colorado Real Estate Investor.

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