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Home Inspection Tips For Sellers in Denver

Posted on: October 4th, 2017 by , No Comments

home inspection tips

You may not want to do it but if you’re unsure about getting your asking price, these home inspection tips should definitely help for a seller in Denver.

It should be safe to say that most have an emotional attachment to their house. So when selling it, you may not see what a buyer will see. Potential buyers are going to be much pickier than you of course. One of the things a buyer will definitely do is get a home inspection, but what if you had leverage over that?

This post of home inspection tips for sellers is so you already know well in advance what may be needed. So you can either do those repairs or not waste anytime during the open house. Or even better, not waste anytime once you’ve accepted an offer you thought someone was 100% sure about.

Here’s a Few Home Inspection Tips To Help When Selling

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Close Fast?

Not all sellers are going with a cash home buyer, many will be selling to a family as a personal residence. One of the best home inspection tips we could give is that it’ll save you so much time. Especially since you’re the only one who knows the second you decided to sell your house. You’ll be well ahead of taking care of repairs if you wanted to.

Beat The Competition in Denver

This will show that you actually care about who will end up buying the house. There will no longer be an inspection contingency so a buyer can try and beat you down on price over repairs or anything else. The price will be the price.

This will help with avoiding low ball offers as well. Out of all the things sellers have to face, the inspection contingency is the one sellers dislike the most. We hope this is helpful in our list of home inspection tips.

You’ll Spend Money Only To Save It

Real estate investors know that you must add value by making renovations. There’s no other way to justify a higher price unless it’s worth the while for a buyer. It’s the right thing to do. However, if you get the inspection done, repairs what’s absolutely necessary on big ticket items, than you’ve already won the battle. It’s very difficult for a buyer to say, “we’ll need a price reduction of $15,000 because of the carpeting we will replace”, how does that makes sense? Must be some very rare quality of carpet.

Speaking Of Major Renovations

Another home inspection tips benefit to consider is knowing what are those big ticket items we mentioned. It’s all the major functioning items that will be difficult to be comfortable without. Thing such as:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Foundation
  • Roofing
  • Electrical

We’re confident to say that if any of these are not functioning properly or at all, that will be very uncomfortable unless you want to live like a you’re in the jungle. Okay, maybe it won’t be that dramatic but you do need running water and you do need protection from the weather in a snow storm in Denver.

Side Note: Make sure you do all renovations legally and that permits were pulled to verify it was done correctly. Hire a professional if you must, don’t wing it on the repairs.

Any Cons To Getting a Home Inspection As A Seller?

This is a preference strictly up to the seller and no one else.

Some professionals in real estate may think it’s better to just let the buyer pay for and deal with the home inspection to save you money and so you can just negotiate later. This is mostly due to getting an accepted offer under contract “and fix it later” with any problems that come up.

Although this is a blog speaking upon home inspection tips, we cannot generalize this topic for everybody selling a home. Everyone has a different situation, time frame and condition of a house.

And If You Can’t Fix Anything With The House?

If you cannot fix any of the major renovations needed to get the house sold for a top dollar asking price, you can still sell for sale by owner, list the property with a real estate agent or selling to a local real estate investor in Denver.

The same strategies available for selling a house but you may need to adjust the asking price to fair market value instead of expecting retail value. You can also asking family or friends to borrow some of the money and use that to take care of what you can.

No matter what you choose to do, you shouldn’t have a problem selling a property for a good price in Denver’s market. (As of October 2017)

If you’re selling a house in Denver and would like to see what we can offer, give us a call at (303)558-5843 or fill out our online form to get started! We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.

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