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How Much Will An Investor Pay For My House in Denver?

Posted on: January 15th, 2018 by , No Comments

So, you need to sell a house and woke up asking, how much will an investor pay for my house in Denver?

Figuring out, how much will an investor pay for my house in Denver is a tricky situation. Not because it’s hard to come up with an offer, but it’s relative. Every buyer has a different criteria and number they’d be happy with.

It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach but it is something you can figure out and see which investor will be the best one to go with in the Denver real estate scene.

Are We Buy Houses Companies Worth It?

“Is it worth wondering how much will an investor pay for my house?” One step is to make sure you’re dealing with a credible and legit company in the first place. But, paying cash to house sellers is a legitimate business and buying and selling houses is a real profession. Every person selling a house won’t benefit from a traditional sale, that’s where an investor can be beneficial. An investor will offer another way to sell your home. It’s just as legit as working through a financial institution, however, the process is shorter and paperwork much simpler.

Most home buying companies are true problem solvers. If you’re in probate and need help with the process, investors know and have the resources to help. Or if you have a home that you cannot afford to renovate, investors will still buy your property because they have a team to do all the renovations. Other options to sell your home can include listing with a Realtor or selling for sale by owner. How much will an investor pay for my house is also dependent upon other factors besides legitimacy of the company.

How Much Will An Investor Pay For My House in Denver

How Does The Whole Process Work With Investors?

If you contact a local investing company and ask, how much will an investor pay for my house, you’ll get different responses. Some may give you the run around and some may spit out a random number. However, most will have to meet with you beforehand. They will do an informal inspection of your house. You do not have to make any repairs, or clean things up in the home, it’s a cash, as-is sale. Once you accept the offer, you open escrow with a title company and schedule a time to close the transaction. The process is much quicker than typical ways of selling a house or listing it on the Multiple Listing Service.

Will It Be A Fair Price From Investors Though?

An investor’s goal is to invest the resources necessary into repairing homes and then sell them for a profit. They will take the time to answer all your questions, evaluate your property and assess what they feel need to be repaired, then give you an offer on what the home’s true value is. This will be a fair price based on what they feel the market value of your home will be once it is renovated and back on the market. Some of the primary benefits from this deal include:

  • No Realtor commissions or fees
  • No closing costs (most of the time)
  • No time delays from unqualified purchasers
  • Condition is irrelevant in interest
  • You choose the closing date

How does an investor get their numbers?

There are several factors that go into the fair price you will get from an investor. In understanding, how much will an investor pay for my house comes in part of learning about getting a fair price from cash home buyers and how they work. Trusted companies have been in business for quite some time and have all of their ducks in a row. Before they will make you a valuable offer, they will evaluate several factors when creating a fair offer including:

  • Current condition of property
  • Costs for those renovations
  • Holding costs after they buy
  • Comparable sales of similar homes
  • Value of homes in new condition
  • Maintaining the house until it is ready to sell again (insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, etc.)

This should be helpful in understanding, “how much will an investor pay for my house in Denver?”.

how much will an investor pay for my house

How do I know I’m getting a fair offer from investors?

Now that you know that investors are legit and have an idea of how they calculate their offers the next question may be if you can know you are getting a fair price from them. There are a few ways to know for sure if the offer is worthy.

  • Get an appraisal, it’s worth the money if you have it.
  • Think about the “as-is” condition of the house. If you estimate the cost of repairs to be $33,450 then this is going to impact the home’s value.
  • Learn more about your cash buyer by asking how long they have been in business and about their experiences.
  • Get a Comparative Market Analysis from a Realtor.

Sell Your House Minus The Struggle

If you want to sell your home but can’t wait for it to be on the market, then an investor is for you. You will get a fair price from investors for your home, easily. Can’t afford the renovation costs? Need to sell in a month? Personal representative liquidating real estate? The most fair offer you’ll get will come from a cash buying company.

At Adam Buys Houses, we’ll make you a no obligations cash offer for your house in order to help you avoid feeling like you are lost in what to do.

Give us a call! We’re always ready to buy. No matter if you have questions about the house selling process or want to get a free quote for your home, we’re more than happy to help! Reach us by phone or send us a message on our website!

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