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5 Reasons A House Won’t Sell In Denver or Elsewhere

Posted on: September 26th, 2016 by , No Comments

house won't sell in denver

Frustrated that your house won’t sell in Denver or elsewhere?

Why your house won’t sell in Denver can have you asking yourself, “Well what are the reasons why?”. It’s a seller’s market in Denver, Colorado and something is obviously wrong if yours doesn’t sell for $50,000 over asking in 30 days right? When you’re aware, you can prepare. Don’t let the market get the best of you and miss key factors it takes to get your house sold fast in Colorado.

Let’s not forget, April 2016 wasn’t the first time this year quite a few home sales fell through. We’ve asked Realtors, Title Companies, Appraisers and Contractors to give us some reasons why home sales fall through and why a house won’t sell in Denver or elsewhere.

1. The House Is Overpriced

Realtors are paid on commissions. Although it’s their job to get your home sold, this doesn’t mean they don’t have their eye on how much they can get for selling the house. 6% of $500,000 is a nice $30,000 after all. Make sure you get a Comparative Sales Analysis done on your home to see the real numbers of what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. There’s nothing wrong with earning a lot when selling a house, it may be your biggest asset after all. Just start with a reasonable price and you’ll most likely get the right buyers in a bidding war.

2. Title complications and issues

Out of all the problems that come up, title issues are the most hidden and forgotten about until it’s too late. Don’t let this be the reason your house won’t sell in Denver. This doesn’t mean your house will never sell, it’s just going to take a delay on closing and possibly a change in numbers. You and a buyer enter into an purchase and sale contract but what if any of the following comes up?:

  • A paid off mortgage still showing a balance due
  • A contractor’s lien placed on the house
  • A cloud on the title from a purchase and sale agreement months prior
  • Conveyance without a recorded deed
  • Tax Delinquency

Make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s with a title company that can help you out with anything that needs to be taken care of beforehand.

3. Your Agent Is Negligent

Your house is priced right, photos are awesome and you’re in a great neighborhood. What’s the deal? I’ve visited open houses before and believe me when I was shocked to think some people got a license to be a real estate agent. This is a people business and your agent should be phenomenal with people. They are representing you in the sale of your home. Just make sure you hire someone you’d refer to family and friends or invite to a dinner party. It doesn’t hurt for them to have good business skills like showing up on time and doing what they said they’ll do.

4. The House Needs Work

I’ve seen many houses listed for retail price when they still needed a decent amount of work. This is a common thing happening in Denver. It may be hard to face the music on this one as repairs can be time consuming, costly or both. Doesn’t mean you have to sell your house for a drastically lower price though. A good thing to do is look at homes that were recently updated on your block or neighborhood and pay attention to what vanities for the bathrooms, appliances, color schemes, flooring and landscaping they used. See what’s hot right now and what buyer’s want.

5. You’re Stubbornness

Again, we’re told that “Being in a seller’s market means that your home will get snapped up for premium price, no matter its condition.” This is simply not true. If it is, then all you have to do is flip the script. There’s more demand than supply but people know what they’re buying. It’s going to be a family’s biggest asset for the next 10+ years and it needs to be a worthwhile investment. If they house needs work, do repairs. If the house is on a busy street, expect a price reduction. If the house has 2 beds, don’t compare it to houses with 4 beds. Just be reasonable and fair at the start, then you may get more than you expected.

Adam Buys Houses even if your house won’t sell in Denver or elsewhere

Your house won’t sell in Denver so what do you do? If you’d prefer to sell your house and be done with the thought of being of a delayed sale, you’re not alone. Even if you’re thinking of listing with an agent for a higher price, Adam Buys Houses can purchase the property give you a higher offer than you may think, closing on the day of your choice. Call 303-558-5843 or Click Here To Get Started.

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