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Even More Ways To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

Posted on: September 14th, 2016 by , No Comments

avoid we buy houses scams

More ways to avoid we buy houses scams in Denver Colorado.

Avoid we buy houses scams in Denver, Colorado or anywhere for that matter. They will always exist because of situations where a person may be vulnerable and not thinking clearly in a distressed situation. We tend to make decisions based off emotions rather than facts. Have you ever gone to the mall with a friend just to hang out with them, only to find yourself walking out with a pair of $100 shoes. “Well, they were on sale and I do need new snow shoes for the winter. It is right around the corner and where else could I get a deal like this. I get paid this Friday and will be okay afterward.”

We’ve all had this conversation at one point or another. But this is not something involving an urgent matter. Imagine for a second if you had to sell a house in probate or inheritance, tax delinquent, foreclosure or tenants just trashed the place. You needed a solution yesterday and are losing time and money because of it. Adam Buys Houses has witnessed first hand what a seller is going through in these situations.

Here are even more ways to avoid we buy houses scams and red flags to look for when selling a house in Denver

1. An Out of State or Out of Country Buyer

Okay, we live in a time where almost anything is possible in business thanks to the internet. But does that mean it’s practical? If they want to buy the house sight unseen, no inspections and don’t know the area very well -somethings up. Even if they were willing to pay well above asking price, you’d naturally be very reluctant because you’d know it didn’t feel right. If you think this only happens with houses think again. The DMV even talked about avoiding this “sight unseen” approach when selling a car.

2. The Buyer Is Non-Existent in a Real World

Have you ever seen that MTV show Catfish. Well part of the definition for “Catfish” is to: lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. Dating is not the only vehicle someone would use this for. Say your “buyer” lives in England but doesn’t want to speak on the phone or Skype. Why not, I mean wouldn’t they want to know what they are buying a few thousand miles away? It could be that their accent won’t match their identity. The only exception to this is if they have a professional real estate agent helping them with the purchase and that’s why you don’t hear from them, personally, often.

3. What Happened To Customer Service?

We go into businesses everyday and judge the place by the service we receive. Why should real estate be any different? Now I will grant the fact that buying and selling a house is much more complex than buying a cup of coffee but who you’re selling the house to shouldn’t be complex as well. If they talk to you like a “normal” person saying, “What’s up dude” or “Ya, man” after every sentence they may not care about you, your situation or the outcome. They could of just got out of a 3 day seminar and are seeing if they could make a quick buck with this real estate “thing”.

In Conclusion to avoid we buy houses scams

Just follow the advice of common sense and do not make immediate decisions without thinking logically. Especially if you’re in a tough situation you need to get out of. Have a friend or family member assist you along the way as well. Adam Buys Houses has met with plenty of sellers who’ve had someone at the meeting to give them their perspective as well to make a better decision. If you have any questions about the home buying process or would like to sell a property, call 303-558-5843 or Click Here To Get Started.


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