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We Buy Houses in Denver and What We Look For

Posted on: August 28th, 2016 by , No Comments

we buy houses in denver

What do those companies mean when they say “We buy houses in Denver” or any other city in Colorado?

“We Buy Houses in Denver”, what they look for and what you really need to know about selling a house — from the people who do it for a living.

“We Buy Houses in Denver” is a term used by many different real estate investment companies. It’s just a name and motto and a generalization. So what do you do when looking for a new house yourself? One house you’re looking at has the wraparound porch you’ve fantasized about, but it’s on a high-traffic street. The townhouse is the perfect square footage but it has no backyard. You want to live inside the city but parking has become very crowded.

Does this sound pretty familiar?

It’s not every day that you buy a home and make decisions about the next three, five, or 10 years of your life. Since you can’t exactly take a home on a test drive, how do you decide? That had me thinking about real estate investors. They have seen the bad and the good in multiple neighborhoods, multiple times when they say “We buy houses in Denver”, a lot of experience comes behind that for some.

They must start with the end in mind. If they are buying a house it’s not the current condition they are so concerned about, it’s what can they turn it into for the next family moving in it as a personal residence. So they play the part of the future home buyer. Another reason companies simply say “we buy houses in Denver” as a generalization of what they do.

Be Willing to Compromise for Your Lifestyle

That may have made you cringe a little and I agree. Yes it’s possible to find exactly what you’re looking for at the right price, style, neighborhood, school district and neighbors. What if you have to move in 30-60 days though? What if you suddenly get a job transfer? What if you and your spouse decide to move out of state? Compromise is not always a bad thing, think about how any successful marriage has worked. (hehe)

We’ve had a seller, Janice, tell us, “I had to move in a couple weeks but didn’t have all the money in the world to be picky in Denver. I found a place next to the light rail for much cheaper than I expected. Hey it wasn’t exactly the city but it gave me everything I needed to travel around. And I do like the quiet.”

Write down on a sheet of paper all your must haves vs wants and see what is worth it to you. This is what every real estate investor goes through when they look at your house. You may think it’s just a numbers game but it’s truly not.

Digging Into the Details

The most expensive and time consuming problems when buying a house are what a real estate investor cares about the most. The cabinets, flooring, carpeting, ceiling fans and vanities are all obvious things that seem like the most important because you see them! However, what about what makes a house a livable space in the first place? Here are some things an investor must be on top off:

  • Doing a Sewer Scope – This one is problem most important because it’s the most hidden. A Sewer Scope is crucial because what if everything was done in the house and suddenly sludge starts to appear in the front lawn? There goes all that beautiful landscaping. It must be dug up and replaced and the re-landscaped again. Delaying the sell of the house. Zillow covered great reasons why you should do this.
  • Foundation – Nobody goes into a house and brags about the foundation, how long it took and how pretty the grey concrete looks. They brag about what the foundation holds up in the house to make it look pretty. Look out for the 5 warning signs of foundation problems.
  • Roofing – Protecting you from a storm or snow shower. Buildings.com covers the Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems and is a great read on what to watch for whether you sell the house or keep it.
  • HVAC – Who likes to be freezing in the wintertime or sweating like a dog in the summer time? Most of us don’t and for those that do, what’s your secret for staying comfortable like that? Here are some typical problems your HVAC may have.

We Sell Lifestyle

For Adam Buys Houses, one of our main focuses and intent is to sell lifestyle. Whether that is from the seller or the future buyer. I would say 90% of house buying is lifestyle. It’s all 4 walls and a roof until you start thinking about why someone chooses a certain place to live or a certain size of a house. Anyone can agree that living in a one bedroom condo with a family of 6 would be extremely uncomfortable today compare to a 5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms. Even if they were the same size house. So everything eventually boils down to lifestyle and the comfort associated with it.

Why “We buy houses in Denver”.

If you have to sell a house and are worried that the buyer is going to judge everything from your magazine collection to which type of laundry soap you use, you no longer have to worry about finding a “we buy houses in Denver” company. Investor buyers don’t care about little things like that and we’re not here to judge because we all have our life to live. Buyers are more concerned about the 4 main details of a property mentioned above than they do anything else.

If this blog was helpful and you have a house you’d like to sell or just want a free no-obligation cash offer, call Adam Buys Houses direct at 303-558-5843 or visit click here to get started.

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