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How To Avoid Challenges When Selling A House In Denver

Posted on: August 4th, 2018 by , No Comments

Challenges When Selling A House In Denver

You probably came across this post because you’re selling a house, right? But not just that, you want to know how to avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver! Let us simplify the process through explaining how you can do so.

After all, you hear it from your friends and neighbors that, “after all the trials and hardships, we did it!”, whether they sell a house or buy a house. Maybe it is just that we rarely look for all the solutions when time is not in our favor. By getting your ducks in a row now, you’ll be able to avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver that most go through.

Picking The Wrong Realtor

They’re amazing Realtors out there but how do you know if you picked a bad one?

  • They seem to be winging it even after you’ve signed a listing agreement
  • You are always going to voicemail when you call
  • They seem to have gone ghost and not share the next steps
  • Suddenly, price reductions seem to be the norm

Look, we all have a life and are busy. Busy is not what you’re looking for, you want productive. How you can avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver is by getting a Realtor that makes you feel like you’re their only client. After all, they are not cheap with a six percent commission. It’s good to give new Realtors a chance too but experienced or not, make sure you read all the paperwork before signing a listing agreement.

Twiddling Your Thumbs for A Buyer

This one can go for anyone in the Denver Metro market. Whether your house is beautiful or needs some love. There’s competition alright but there is also different wants and needs with each buyer. This is also contingent upon finding a qualified buyer who is ready to go, if you listed with a Realtor or are selling to a cash buyer investor. A Realtor may ask you to clean up the house and hide personal belongings for first time home buyers to be impressed. An investor will say to take what you want, leave what you don’t. Depending on what you want, the main goal is to avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver.

Pay For The Home Inspection

This one is often overlooked because many forget that signing a purchase and sale agreement is one step of the process. You may have buyers come up with all kinds of objections and things they saw wrong with the property. This will add more negotiation on your end to fix it or include something extra. However, if you pay for a full home inspection you’ll save yourself and the buyers a lot of time by leaving nothing on the table to reconsider. It may not be cheap in today’s market, but it’s worth it.

What If The Buyer’s Do Have Objections?

It is not uncommon for buyer’s to have objections after their inspection, especially if they are planning to live in the home. An investor would be a different story. You can avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver like this by doing all necessary repairs after you paid for the home inspection. If negotiations come up then doing repairs isn’t the only solution. Maybe you include the washer and dryers or agree to come down a little on price. A little can go a long way when you are creative and can think of what to include in the sale.

You Can Always Sell Privately By Owner

Selling a house the traditional way with a Realtor is a fit for many. Sometimes it is just not a fit and you may need a solution sooner than later. Maybe you don’t want to deal with open houses or worry about inspections. You can also avoid paying six percent in commissions by selling by owner.

Selling to a local real estate investor is a great idea because you can choose the closing date, sell the property without worry of inspections, get a fair price, sell regardless of condition (investors will do the repairs) and don’t worry about closing costs either. Whatever you choose, you can always avoid challenges when selling a house in Denver by just taking the process one step at a time and doing what feels right to you.

Selling a house in the Denver Metro area and would like to see what an investor has to offer? Give us a call or send us a message here! We’d love to hear from you and please let us know if you have any questions about the home selling process.

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