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Hiring The Right Real Estate Agent In Denver, Colorado

Posted on: June 5th, 2017 by , No Comments

real estate agent in denver

Is this a traditional job interview when hiring a real estate agent in Denver?

Real estate agent in Denver or Broker, Investor, Seller, Buyer.. there is so much clutter in a market like Denver. To the point where you ask yourself, “How do I find the right…” fill in the blank. In this case, finding the right real estate agent in Denver.

This is why there is a massive increase in marketing that a real estate agent in Denver and other professionals in the industry use to get their message to you first. It’s why, “everyone and their mom” are now a real estate agent. Everyone is fighting for the same business. Which is great for you!

Ever had anxiety going to the car mechanic? “You get what you pay for” is not always true when it comes to the service industry of being dependent upon an individual’s skill level and what their intentions are in doing business with you as a real estate agent. Are they in love with real estate or is it just a trending job?

A Real Estate Agent Must Have Credibility

There’s a reason that when you apply for a new job they ask for references. It’s not just some way to add more paperwork with questions that aren’t relevant. If the hiring manager is doing their job correctly, they will actually call those business references and get a second, third and fourth opinion.

It’s a way of gaining an understanding of how you operate, conduct yourself and if you are what you say you are.

Same thing is true with a review or testimonial. Sometimes they can be fabricated and it’s obvious if they are. Most of the time they are honest and true. One of the best ways is going to Zillow and usually an agent will have a company profile on their and you can not only see past transactions but also any star ratings and written reviews from past clients. You don’t have to depend on online sources either, ask the real estate agent directly for references and they’ll be happy to provide them.

You Are Hiring the Real Estate Agent in Denver

Here are some great questions to ask the real estate agent in Denver and any references you were provided. There could be a whole blog in and of itself but we’ll stick with a few that’ll be most important:

  • How many real estate transactions have you been involved in during your career?
  • What has been your success rate with your List-to-Sales price ratio?
  • What kind of guarantees, if any, do you offer on performance of the listing agreement?
  • If I’m required to sign a exclusivity agreement, what happens if I’m dissatisfied with your performance?
  • What kind of marketing and sales plan do you have to get a house sold?
  • Can you show me up to date verification of your license to conduct business in this state?

Remember, although you want to have a great relationship with the real estate agent in Denver,  you’re finding somebody who can get the job done and get your house sold. First hand experience is critical.

Maybe You Do Get What You Pay For

In a way mentioned earlier in this blog posts, it’s all over the board with how many different real estate agents there are. Each real estate agent with their own experience, history, records of transaction, team, references and of course life itself. If you have been thinking about listing with a real estate agent that’ll list for a flat fee of $1,500.00, well that’s where the tough questions above must come in. Yes, 6% of only a $100,000 house is $6,000 but you have to make the call on hiring the right real estate agent regardless of costs. Especially if the more expensive real estate agent performs better…

In some states it only takes about 75 hours to get a real estate license. Think about that for a moment.. It only takes that short amount of time to be qualified to handle a $25,000 mobile home or a $5,000,000 private property in Aspen, Colorado.

All In All

In Denver, Colorado you shouldn’t worry too much about how you’re going to sell your house fast. It’s a matter of who you’ll work with and sell your house to. Just take your time in the process of finding the right person to work with.

If you’d like to see what a local house buying company like Adam Buys Houses has to offer, we’re always here. Just give us a call at 303-997-2045 or simply fill out the form by clicking here to get started.

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