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How To Keep Your Home Safe in Denver: Part 1

Posted on: March 3rd, 2019 by , No Comments

how to keep your home safe in Denver

We’ve all seen that famous movie where the kid gets stuck in his parents house home alone and is faced with the challenge of fighting off burglars from entering the home. This is not just a movie but happens to families every year. We’re going to get into how to keep your home safe in Denver in our latest post.

Doesn’t matter if you are going on vacation, just out on the town for a nice dinner or even at home sleeping. We’re sure these tips will help you prevent an intruder from coming inside and taking your valuables.

Judging A Book By It’s Cover

First things first is making sure your home doesn’t look like an easy target in the first place. Vacant homes are pretty obvious to spot and thus invite squatters and vandalism because no one is there to stop it.

You don’t have to redo your entire landscaping but making sure it’s well kept and has a clear path is one indicator that if you’re willing to spend the time and money on this, than that means you most likely do the same on the inside.

How Much Mail Do You Receive?

This goes two ways. In how to keep your home safe in Denver it’s great to make sure you don’t have a mailbox you rarely check, piles up and starts to look like a mess because it could be mistaken that you’re out of town or that the home is simply unoccupied for the time being. You don’t want thieves taking your mail for identity theft purposes but you also don’t want burglars entering your home for more goods either.

The second part to why keeping tabs on your mail is important is because of package thieves. Most of us have at least seen one viral video of someone on social media being caught taking a package from a homeowners’ front porch. Besides having a security camera that can only catch what happened on tape, having a dedicated spot for packages to be delivered to like a storage chest or shed on the side of the home with a lock box that you only share the code with package handlers to is one good way of preventing an item from being stolen.

Minding Your Own Business

Minding your own business is crucial is how to keep your home safe in Denver, especially for people you don’t know or are suspicious about. This even includes being careful of what you share on social media. Especially if you’ve added dozens of people you don’t know or if your profiles aren’t set to private. The information is available to anyone and you never know who is curious about what you’re doing.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a plumber, a new neighbor, a door to door salesman or whoever you stumble upon. One of the best tips on how to keep your home safe in Denver is to tell others to mind their own business and that they are on a need to know basis. Unless you truly trust and know someone to watch your dogs while your on vacation, don’t share your matters with anyone.

Things You Haven’t Noticed Before

You come home from work and suddenly see a random vehicle parked down the street you haven’t seen before. No big deal at first. Could be a family member or friend visiting a neighbor. Than the next day, it’s in a different spot in front of a different house. Your mowing your lawn and doing upkeep and you notice a different person every other day waking down your street looking at every house for longer than normal.

Although we cannot assume the worst, it’s best to be cautious and pay attention or you might have to pay a consequence of your home being robbed later. Once you notice this it’ll be a good thing to notify your neighbors to start a neighborhood watch on things and come together to make sure nothing happens.

How To Keep Your Home Safe in Denver Continued

There truly is many tips and things you can do that are simply to ensure you can rest easy at night in preventing any intruders or theft happening in your home. This first post was to start on a few awareness tips you can do on the outside of your home. In How To Keep Your Home Safe in Denver: Part 2 we’ll continue on more with things to do to keep your home safe on the inside.

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