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How To Make Your Denver House Sell Even Quicker

Posted on: June 27th, 2017 by , No Comments

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Curious to figure out how to make your Denver house sell even quicker?

Everyone wants to know how to make their Denver house sell fast, for a strong price or both. The real estate market in Denver, Colorado has always been pretty strong and steady. We don’t see the bubbles in real estate that other cities around the country routinely experience.

We have seen pretty incredible record setting appreciation in our beautiful city. It varies on who you ask if that’s a bad or good thing with how what has happened when homeowners had a Denver house sell faster than expected. The market is stable which makes it more of a safer long-term bet than many other places around the country.

The only problem with the Denver real estate market is high rents and prices that seem to be getting unaffordable. So home sellers are wondering how they make their Denver house sell in a timely manner.

Tips For Helping Your  Denver House Sell Quicker Than Expected

Even with a great  Denver real estate market as of June 2017, there are many ways to make your Denver house sell even quicker.

Here are some dominate ways to make your Denver house sell to more appealing home buyers:

  1. De-clutter A cluttered house is hard to show. People want to see a lot of open space and clean and orderly appearance. By getting rid of extra furniture and other household items, your house will show much better.
  2. Stage With Furniture If the house you are trying to sell fast is vacant, consider staging it with furniture. This allows prospective buyers to get a sense of what it would be like to live there. They can kick back and relax on the sofa after a long day of looking at dozens of houses.
  3. Paint with Neutral Colors Not everybody likes bright pink paint on their house. Try to choose colors that stand out but appeal to a wide range of buyers.
  4. Make the Small Repairs If your house needs repairs, especially if they are small repairs, fix them! It doesn’t take much and will go a long way to avoid have potential home buyers get a bad impression.

When you want your Denver house sell to go quickly and it doesn’t, usually the culprit is the price. You may have quite a bit of dollars in the property, but that doesn’t mean that the house is worth that much. You have to detach your emotion from the equation. The proper way to price a home is by doing a comparative analysis of other similar homes that have sold recently in the immediate area.

Don’t compare your house to one that is 2,000 square feet bigger and has a giant in-ground pool, if yours doesn’t. Don’t compare your house to one that is 25 miles away on the other side of town. The key is to find as close a match to your house that has sold and pricing your house similar to what the matching property sold for.

Another thing to look at is the days on market. If the comparable property took over a year to sell and didn’t have many price changes, you’re probably better off pricing your house lower.

How to really make your Denver house sell quicker.

Remember, just because you “feel” the house is worth a certain amount, does not mean that a buyer will “feel” the same way. Even if they do and agree to buy it, their lender may not feel the same way about the value if an appraiser doesn’t see it being worth that much.

Hopefully this blog was helpful to at least get the big picture of what your options are if you want a Denver house sell to go quickly. If you’d prefer to see what Adam Buys Houses can offer you, give us a call direct at 303-997-2045 or simply fill out the form by clicking here to get started.

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