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Moving Long Distance Tips to Make It Stress Free

Posted on: June 8th, 2017 by , No Comments

moving long distance tips

Does moving long distance to another state sound daunting?

Moving long distance seems stressful at first, I mean because who really wants to rent a U-Haul when moving across the city let alone another state. How would you even take the rental back?

All kidding aside, of course moving companies that rent out equipment have already thought about that. Let’s brainstorm and figure out some ways you can make moving long distance an enjoyable process!

Make use of your automobile.

In that movie Meet the Parents, Greg loses his bag due to a mishap with the airlines. If you seen that movie, than you know how difficult losing something as simply as bag can go. Imagine losing your car! Many people will take the option of shipping their car but it may cost more than gas money. It may be best to see the sights, explore and use it as an valid reason to take a road trip.

Do you just have too much stuff?

No better time to cluttered and get a fresh start than right now. When moving long distance it’s great to start fresh altogether. What would you really with you if you only took what you needed? Probably a lot less than you think. While you don’t have to be a “minimalist”, it is interesting to look into statistics that reveal how much stuff we actually own.

Document and keep track of everything.

Always have the “take what you need” mindset when moving long distance because after all it’ll be devastating to lose something that is irreplaceable. Things such as memorabilia, tax records, medical records, jewelry, awards and anything else that holds much value. Keep these things with you on hand. If you hire a moving company, make sure you know the process and how you can track where they are with your things at all times.

Be dominate in your packing abilities.

Ever tried moving one of those tube televisions? Well, hopefully your back was okay if you tried doing it yourself. You’re going to cause more stress than there needs to be trying to do everything all alone. That’s where pizza and drinks could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make! Not just in moving heavy things but also in speeding up the process of packing up clothes, papers, electronics, dishes and all the misc. things that you have no idea where to place.

Long distance equals a long game.

Not only does moving long distance into another state or town in your current state take a bit of time, so will the process of fitting into your new environment. This is something you’ll be committed to for a while since most people move due to job relocation or to help out family due to medical reasons. Do the best you can the first time around and everything else will fit right in.

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