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“I Need To Sell My House Fast” In Denver, Colorado

Posted on: June 10th, 2017 by , No Comments

Need To Sell My House Fast

If you are thinking “I need to sell my house fast” in Denver, Colorado or elsewhere, here’s some things to consider when starting the selling process.

When “I need to sell my house fast” enters the mind of a home seller, it can be due to many reasons. There’s a difference between a need and a want. Without listing the many reasons somebody decides to sell their house regardless of motivation, let’s start with two simple examples.

“I need to sell my house fast in Denver”.

An example of a need to sell my house fast situation would be if you recently inherited a house in Denver. This sounds good on paper but what if the house you inherited was a hoarded house? You already live in a nice house and do not have the money to do any repairs to your newly inherited house. You do have equity, it is even in a good neighborhood. But you simply don’t have the time for repairs due to a busy career, family and hobbies. Life would be much simpler to be done with the house than to continue the hassle of monthly expenses and figuring out how you’ll be able to do the repairs to rent, live in or sell at retail value.

“I simply want to sell to test the waters”.

An example of simply just wanting to sell a house in Denver would be if you have a house you’ve taken care of over the years and you’re considering downsizing. You’ve lived in the house for over 15 years but have upgraded everything over the years. You love Denver but you’d like to move to Boulder to mountain bike more often. The only way you’d sell is if you got an offer you couldn’t refuse. You’re not in a rush to sell because there is nothing circumstantial enough that’s bothering you.

Although needing to sell a house does not equal being desperate, it does mean you have a problem you don’t want to deal with anymore and would like the easiest solution to solving that problem.

Simple steps you can take today to sell quickly.

Start with the end in mind on your journey to selling a house in Denver. The above was just an example of why you may “need to sell my house fast”. Start brainstorming and getting ideas of where you want to go and where you are at right now. One of the best things to do is simply run a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on your house to get a baseline of what it’s worth in it’s current condition. Any real estate agent can provide this for you. 

Before going into your options on what you can do to sell a house regardless of situation, these are some questions to ask yourself so you are certain in the outcome you’d like:

  • What’s your situation for selling? This is a crucial first step because if you’re selling a house in probate that is a much different process than selling a house going through foreclosure. You must know how to handle your situation by knowing what it is in the beginning.
  • What would you like to see happen? In other words what’s the price and terms you’d like to sell your house for. What’s the most you’d like and the least you can accept. Also, do any appliances stay in the house? Is it being sold “as is”?

Let’s continue with options you have.

  • Do you want to sell with a real estate agent? This is where the majority of sellers go to if they do not have a “need to sell my house fast” situation on their hands. The reason being is most home buyers that go through with a Realtor are looking for something that’s in “move in ready” condition. Also, if you can afford to pay 6% of the sale price to a Realtor, than this option is worth considering.
  • Should you sell to a house buying company? The best thing about this option is the ease of the sale. Especially since house buying companies have experience in solving many different problems a seller has regardless of situation. Also, they have a team in place of title companies, contractors, acquisitions and Realtors they work with and should be happy to refer help to you even if you don’t sell to them. The main goal is to get your problem solved!
  • You can do it yourself as well. Take a quick look on Zillow and look at all the houses in the “for sale by owner” section. Obviously many sellers decide to go this route. However, you are going to have to do everything manually, have the right paperwork, find a title company, find a buyer, do the open houses, keep track of offers and everything else that comes with buying and selling real estate. It depends on how much time and resources you have.

Hopefully this blog was helpful to at least get the big picture of what your options are if you “need to sell my house fast” in Denver, Colorado. If you’d prefer to see what Adam Buys Houses can offer you, give us a call direct at 303-997-2045 or simply fill out the form by clicking here to get started.

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