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How To Sell Your House Easily in Denver CO

Posted on: July 21st, 2018 by ,

Right now in the Denver real estate scene, there is a lot of talk about how to sell your house easily in Denver. Who has not heard the story of someone putting their house up for sale only to get an offer within 5 business days and closed that same month. How did the sellers do it though?

sell your house easily in denver

It’s not a one size fits all approach. Let us see if we can help you sell your house easily in Denver with these tips.

Ready To Get Things Going?

Most sellers who are getting the best offers prepare their house to be presentable to prospective buyers. This includes any necessary repairs needed to be done to the home. Not every seller’s home is in the same condition or even the same type. When looking for how to sell your house easily in Denver it can be doing everything for hiring contractors to remodel the kitchen, bathtubs and add new carpeting. Or it simply can be to clean up the landscaping, get a roll off for all the additional trash and hiring a cleaning crew. Every seller’s budget is different so stick with what works for you.

Advertising The Home For Sale

Hiring help is not a bad thing when you want to sell your house easily in Denver because it will speed up the process. For example a real estate agent may be a good option because they can the property in an open house during times you are not available. Maybe you don’t want to hire an agent but you decide to hire a photographer for amazing photos to place online with your for sale by owner listing. The main goal of advertising is to get in front of as many buyers as possible and it all starts with telling everyone you have a house for sale.

Getting The Right Buyer

Even with listing with a real estate agent nothing is guaranteed in this market. There are many different factors that can affect the sale depending on your situation. If your house was inherited and is vacant, that may be easier to schedule appointments than if it is your personal residence and the only time you have free is Sundays between 12-4pm. A good offer on the price is one thing but making sure the buyer is qualified and able to purchase is another. Some sellers may want a family who will live in the home for 20 years. You may want to sell your house easily in Denver to a real estate investor. Whatever the type of buyer is you are looking for, with patience and you will find them.

Time To Make A Deal

Once the buyer has made an offer and you have accepted it, there still may be things that will pop up in the buyer’s inspection report. Maybe they will request the appliances to stay if they are keeping the property as a personal residence. If they are an real estate investor they may just want to buy it as it is with no contingencies. The investor route is how you can sell your house easily in Denver with terms but not all investors will make an offer based on price a fit for you. This is where it may be hard to figure out who to go for depending on your time frame and circumstance. No matter what don’t be so quick to accept an offer based off being rushed by a buyer’s request. You do have options in this market. Keep looking until you find a real win-win situation.

Closing The Sale Of The Home

Whew, now that all the terms, price and everything in between are settled, it’s time to get the deal closed. It can take a few weeks for the buyer’s loan to go through depending on if they just started the process of getting qualified or not. Some buyer’s may be an investor making an all cash offer, meaning they already have the funding in place through private money. Just know that this is probably the most time consuming part because this is when the title company handles all the paperwork. And we know how paperwork can be.

To keep this blog simple in the name of how you can sell your house easily in Denver, we’re confident that you can sell your house quickly regardless of condition or situation. Doesn’t matter if the situation is probate, inherited, a pre-foreclosure, a hoarded house, bad tenants, absentee owner out of state or simply a nice house you’ve had for 35 years.

Are you curious to see how to sell your house easily in Denver to a real estate investor? Give us a call or send us a message to set up an appointment for us to make a fair offer. We hope this blog was helpful!

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