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Selling A House As Is In Denver, Colorado and the Benefits

Posted on: June 5th, 2017 by , No Comments

selling a house as is

Looking at selling a house as is in the Denver market?

Selling a house as is comes with as many benefits as their are reasons for why someone would sell a house as is in Denver. Some of the most stated reasons for selling a house in distress are because of financial circumstances and time decay. Some owners may be financially strapped and unable to make the major repairs required to sell in peak condition. Others consider selling a house as is to ensure a speedy sale. Even with the help of real estate agents, price reductions or a longer than expected DOM (days on market) report usually don’t come out as expected.

How You Should Start Selling A House As Is

Looking for a solution from house buying companies are a great place to start. Selling a fixer upper often requires too much expense for a seller to handle. Most are not familiar with working with contractors even if they do outsource the work. House buying companies are experts in buying properties that need major repairs. Retail buyers are looking for a primary residence, house buying companies look for a house to create that end result… last minute inspection contingencies are a thing sellers won’t face selling as is. Hence the term.

How Do You Find Such A Buyer?

Thanks to internet marketing, it’s hard not to stumble upon many house buying companies advertising their services. Even in traditional forms such as the yellow pages to street corner signs planted on busy intersections, the popular slogan can be found seemingly everywhere. Most house buying companies advertise this way to simplify all the ways they can buy a property. Such as buying in any condition. The issue becomes sifting through all of the clutter and picking the best one that you’d like to sell to. Not all home buyers are the same though..

There are a few key things to consider, this will allow sellers to receive the best price and convenience of selling from start to finish. Although house buying companies cannot pay full retail, they do pay fair market estimates by comparing your home to others by running a comparative market analysis. It doesn’t hurt to go through a few different buyers. Don’t accept the first offer and be transparent with every buyer. This will help stay competitive. If you accept an offer at $100,000 (for easy numbers) and didn’t let the other buyers know, how do you know someone won’t pay $105,000 to stay in competition with buying your house?

Support The Local Home Buyer

It’s great to support small business and house buying companies are no different. Not every home buyer is a giant corporation. Local home buyers usually grew up in the city they invest in. Which means they are familiar with what homes actually can sell for and are more accurate in their evaluations. They know the local housing market. A lot of the dreaded low ball offer stories you hear about are coming from the big nationwide companies. They are looking for whatever sticks and it’s just a numbers game.

Company Credibility

Ask for references and testimonials. Some companies may have dozens and some may only have a few.  Not as companies saying you can go about selling a house as is are equal. Either way it’ll show how serious they take their business and that they are active in the market… Any professional in any business will not mind providing these for you. Also, if a home buyer won’t allow you to know which title company they used before, the company might have a poor closing ratio or may just be new to the process altogether.

When it comes to company credibility it’s really all over the board. BBB Accredited, testimonials, references are all ways to determine just how earnest a company is in their business dealings. At the end of the day it’s up to you because what if you meet a home buyer who is honest about being new and this is their first deal and you want to sell to them? They may not have bought hundreds of houses but at least you know where they stand.

Sell Your House As Is Fast In Denver, Colorado

Don’t let the process of buying and selling real estate stop you from selling a house as is in distress. Utilizing house buying companies help homeowners avoid buyer contingencies before closing while receiving the best fair offer for their Denver house. If you’re overwhelmed by the sea of companies out there, consider location, the direct buyer, and references and testimonials before choosing the company for you. Remember, not all “Sell Your House Fast” companies are created equal.

Adam Buys Houses has made it very simple to selling a house as is in Denver, Colorado. You can get a cash offer within 24 hours and close as soon as you if feasible for you. Within 10 business days or 3 months, it’s up to you. Find out how much your house is worth by calling us at (303)-997-2045.

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