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Selling Your Parents House with Siblings in Denver

Posted on: February 22nd, 2019 by ,

Selling a house can be a tough task already. Selling your parents house with siblings in Denver can be even harder. It really depends on many different factors and number of siblings involved in the decision-making process.

Even if you are an only child, this blog will still be worth the read. Let’s get into some options you may have for selling your parents house in Denver, Colorado.

The First Step

Probably one of the biggest steps is getting together with your siblings and seeing if you all agree upon the sale of your parents house. They may be moving into a retirement community, out of state or are deceased. Regardless, make sure all of you agree to sell.

What we’ll go over next is some options you have in selling your parents house with siblings in Denver and figuring out which is a best fit for you.

The Traditional Route in Selling Your Parents House

If the home is in good condition and you have time to wait, most likely you’ll want to contact a real estate agent to sell the house. Much of the general public is already familiar with this route if they ever bought or sold a home in Denver.

selling your parents house with siblings in denver

Even when listing with a real estate agent, various situations such as probate can affect the sales process. If you’re currently a personal representative in charge of the estate, you’re going to have different legal responsibilities than those who are not.

If you don’t have a real estate agent from a past experience, one of the easiest ways to find a great real estate agent is simply doing a search online, verifying reviews and seeing how much active experience the real estate agent has. Most of it will be public data and you can see their experience level almost first hand.

If the home is vacant, showings will be easier than if your parents are still in transition of moving and simply need your help during the process. This can be tough to manage with potential buyers coming in and out of the home for example.

An Alternative Approach to Selling Your Parents House

Maybe the first approach will be good enough for you and your siblings. It doesn’t have to be too complicated though. For example, see if any of these may be of benefit to you:

  • No expensive commissions to pay
  • No need for open houses on the weekend
  • You can sell the house in its current condition
  • You can choose the closing date
  • No need to worry if the buyer can close

Would any of these provide value in selling your parents house with siblings in Denver? If so, these are just some of the benefits with selling to a professional real estate investor. If your parents need to move quickly into a retirement home due to limited availability, this is a great option because you can close with 10 business days or 3 months. It’s up to you.

Be Done with Your Parents House

At Adam Buys Houses we have bought properties in many different types of situations. Although it may be stressful at times, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We are a solution to the problem of selling your parents house with siblings in Denver.

Contact us for a consultation with your situation and see if we’re the right buyers for you. Even if you don’t end up selling to us, we would like to see how it is we can help. Thank you for reading this post.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial, legal or any other type of advice. Please seek professional help for your situation.

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