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"Adam took care of my house while it was in a very distressed condition and I was in a very urgent situation. I only had about a month before I was going to start losing money I did not have. He acted promptly and guided me with every step along the way. It was a blessing."

- D. Rhie Englewood, CO

"The situation was that my dad had died in December and we knew we wanted to get the house sold before the end of the summer. So we were starting to work on it to clean it out, which was quite a task. As my dad was of the age of keeping everything. So at that point I was very concerned about getting it cleaned out, getting it fixed up a little bit and probably going through with a Realtor to sell it. You did do exactly what you said you would do and even more than that. It worked out very very well for us, as my wife said it was a no hassle thing and we're very happy to have found you. Yes, I would recommend you very much. Very easy to work with, just did more than probably would of been expected."

- S. Dolenc Aurora, CO

"I had a house that needed some definite repairs, I've been through a divorce when I originally bought the house. We bought it with two incomes so through the years it's just been harder and harder for me to keep up and maintain. So that was the majority of the problems I was encountering. I was very happy with the results.. whatever you said, you did. And I appreciate that because I've worked with some other people.. like I've told you, other fees would come in and my sale price kept coming down. You guys stuck to your word from day one."

J. Glommen Centennial, CO