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Is Selling A House Privately in Denver Right For You?

Posted on: September 26th, 2018 by , No Comments

selling a house privately in denver

You can sell your house in a few different ways. Selling a house privately in Denver is one of those options. Many homeowners will choose to sell with a Realtor by default because it may be the only option they’re aware of. Let us go more in depth in this blog post to see if selling a house privately in Denver to an investor will be right for you!

Just like we already mentioned, there are a few different ways to sell. It’s good to take a look at the options. Listing your house on the MLS may actually be best fit depending on the circumstances. It depends! Don’t make any decisions too quickly before weighing out the options.

What is Your Situation?

When you are selling a house privately, there are many situations that are easier to solve. A local investor will close on your time frame instead of the other way around. Since they are buying your house as an investment, there is no need for them to rush to move in. Moving to a different location or in a new house can be stressful enough. It is a great option for flexibility for most situations including pre-foreclosure, probate, inheritance, job loss or even if you just don’t like your neighbors anymore.

Does Your House Need Repairs?

Not always but most of the time when listing houses with Realtors means making sure the house is in move in ready condition. Not just because most buyers are looking for a personal residence, but also due to strict lending guidelines if the buyer is getting a mortgage. Which is the majority of buyers working with real estate agents. Many sellers who happen to have the money to do the renovations spend a lot of time doing them. It can take a few months, which means more time you may not have. Would it be more beneficial to go about selling a house privately in Denver, as it is?

What Is Your Time Frame?

Just as an example, if your situation is you just accepted a job offer out of state, once in a lifetime opportunity, but you need to move there within a month. What do you do? Even if you had 3 months that could be a tight deadline. Researching the new area you are moving to would be very time consuming as it is.

We haven’t even touched base on the house you’re selling! This is why house buying companies and other options must be considered. Of course, you can even keep your house as a rental too. Maybe selling isn’t the best idea. If selling a house privately in Denver is not a good fit for you, do consider hiring a property management company to look after the house for you if you do keep it as a rental.

If You Do Go With A Realtor

Remember what it will costs you by the numbers when listing with a Realtor. Regardless of what is estimated your house can sell for, there’s only one way to find out and that’s when you accept an offer. The listing agreement and six percent commissions paid are things to not forget about. If you’re going to get locked into a listing agreement do your research and pick a solid Realtor that has experience in your neighborhood.

When selling a house privately in Denver to an investor, you don’t have to worry about advertising expenses, open houses, strangers coming in and out of your house, commissions or cleaning out the house. Especially if your house needs repairs, an investor will hire contractors who will be doing repairs anyhow. No need to clean up! Take what you need and leave the rest behind.

Weighing Out The Options

There may not be a perfect option but at least you can see which one works best. Agreements in real estate do go unfulfilled everyday unfortunately. Could be a buyer changing their minds last minute, could be the banks taking too long to approve financing. Every investor is going to offer a different price, some may just low ball, some may have a very calculated number justified by comparable sales. On the other hand a real estate agent may find buyers who are pre-qualified and you wanted someone who was going to live in your house for a while as a family from the start and they are a match.

There is no guarantee for what you’ll get when selling a house privately in Denver or listing with a Realtor. Even if time isn’t on your side, set aside some time to at least do some research and see what is best for you. We hope this was helpful in your endeavors of selling your home!

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