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Should You Sell Without A Realtor In Denver, Colorado?

Posted on: June 4th, 2017 by , No Comments

without a realtor in denver

Selling a home without a Realtor in Denver is becoming pretty popular in the Denver, Colorado real estate scene.

Selling your home without a Realtor in Denver, Colorado without a Realtor is a more and more popular situation sellers are having. Mainly because of the rise in prices in our current market. Sellers are coming to us consistently mentioning that they, “just don’t want to pay a Realtor if I can do it myself” or something along those lines…

Of course, Realtors provide a valuable proposition but only if you can afford it and find the right one. 6% of a $450,000 house is $27,000 not including closing costs. Selling without a Realtor isn’t just about saving money either.

How can you avoid paying high commissions in Denver, Colorado?

Understanding that in the majority of real estate sales, the seller’s pay not only for their Realtor listing the house but half of that goes to the buyer’s Realtor as well.. Do you think that’s fair or makes any sense?

This is one of those things that truthfully doesn’t make any sense for it to come out of the seller’s pocket alone but it’s the “standard” and most will say, “That’s just the way it is.”

Should you really sell without a realtor in Denver?

Think about the end in mind when looking at other houses that have sold in your area. Make sure it’s property that sold with a Realtor on the MLS and don’t account for properties that sold without a Realtor. You want to account for how much of the sale went to a 6% commission.

Add some cushion to the asking price.

If you list with a Realtor instead of without a realtor in Denver, you’re going to get every type of buyer coming at you. It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get more or less than asking, so you may as well be prepared to account for the Realtor fees.

Remember, that just about everything in a real estate transaction is negotiable. See if you can find a Realtor who will accept a “flat fee” or will take a little less than 3% for their half of the commission. Doesn’t hurt to ask them right?

This is mainly about if you sell with a Realtor, if you sell without a Realtor than there’s no need to factor in the commissions you’ll have to pay. Just remember to consider any commissions you’ll have to pay as an expense beforehand.

The majority of people sell through the MLS…

The Multiple Listing Service was mentioned earlier, it’s the main database that all Realtors in Denver use to access information for their clients on anything and everything real estate in our market.

Although, listing with a Realtor has been the norm for a very long time, so has paying a full 6% real estate commission. An article by The Washington Post titled, “Commissions of 6 percent for home sales once were the norm. That’s changing.” gave examples and an explanation of why that is changing nowadays.

Should you do the marketing yourself?

Zillow.com and many other popular real estate websites get their data from county records and the MLS. Most sites you can list your house for sale on will then offer to distribute it to other sites in association with them to get as many people to see your ad as possible. However, if you want to try without a realtor in Denver..

Most of the time it comes at a cost. There will be listing packages where you can highlight your ad, consistently renew it to the top or some other special variation of services that should make your listing stand out from the rest. Make sure you find as many free sources as possible before spending any money.

Craigslist is a great way to attract a buyer as well. Just be careful of looky loos or anybody that may not be legitimate. Make them say what their favorite movie was of 2017 so far in the email title when responding to your ad. This will let you know who’s serious and actual followed detailed instructions. Think of the many ways you can go about without a realtor in Denver.

You can always sell to a local house buying company.

Local house buying companies are consistently marketing themselves in many fashions. Some are more credible than others. Seeing those “we buy houses” signs are hit or miss for example. But not every house buying company is created equal as each operate their business differently. It’s up to you to sift and sort who you’d like to sell to and who resonates with you the most.

The reason not all house buying companies are equal is because each have their own buying criteria, area of specialty, counties they operate in and even profitability goals in their investments. Selling without a realtor in Denver is not a one size fits all approach where every investor operates the same.

Adam Buys Houses is a local house buying company that has worked with sellers of many different situations. This is a way you can go about without a realtor in Denver. Situations such as job relocation, inheritance or probate, pre-foreclosure or simply downsizing for retirement.

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